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Decoration and Style

Window treatments are not only for decorative purposes -  practicality is a key factor in choosing the perfect window coverings to fit your lifestyle. Today's window treatments incorporate a variety of fabrics and innovations to provide solutions for:​

Interior Design Style - Window treatments can help you achieve your interior design style - whether sleek and contemporary or vintage and classic, window treatments can enhance your decor and help complete the final touches.

Custom Window Sizes - There is no "standard" in home construction today - from urban design to classic, bungalow, etc., windows can have all custom shapes and sizes. We will help you customize your window treatments so that they look and function perfectly!

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Privacy and Views


Privacy from roads, neighbors or other buildings is one of the most common problems we address with our window treatments. 

This issue becomes especially important in Autumn, when leaves begin to fall, revealing structures and views you may not want to see.

You can choose window coverings that optimize both your outdoor view and indoor privacy.

Insulation: Temperature Control and

Energy Efficiency

This installation demonstrates how the view from the outside is private, while maintaining the view from the inside occupants (during the day only).  

2018_Duette Fabric Detail.jpg

As much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through windows.  Whether you  have an older home or just older windows, products such as Honeycomb Shades can improve your window's Energy Efficiency with design innovation: Insulating Air Pockets.

During the winter, Honeycomb Shades are insulating, improving air circulation while minimizing the amount of solar heat that comes in during the summer.


They also provide "daylighting" - the ability to draw in natural light instead of using artificial light to brighten a room, which makes them even more efficient.


Duette® honeycomb shades

Light Filtering | Darkening | Fade Protection

Child and Pet Friendly

Light Filter and Child

If you get a lot of sunlight, you may want to diffuse the harshness of its glare, protect your furnishings from fading and draw the light into a room.  

For many, especially in home theaters, offices and bedrooms, our window treatments can completely block out light - also called "blackout"- or light can simply be filtered to create a calmer, warmer ambiance.

Options also include the ability to have window treatments "drawn down and up" providing you the ability to customize how light enters depending on the sun's movement, while still providing outdoor views. 

With young children or pets, you want to ensure there are no loose cords and that wands are out of reach.  We have many window treatment options that are stylish and child and pet friendly.  Download Child-Safe Window brochure.




Combining convenience and innovation into your home window treatments is more than just motorization. 


From lift options to scheduling, to automating and customizing for your room function (such as home theaters), your window treatments can blend smoothly into the function of each room while providing the look and style you want.


Lift Options

  • PowerView®

  • SoftTouch™

  • UltraGlide®

  • Cordless

Scheduling and Technology

  • Control and Schedule your blinds, shades or sheers with remote control and scheduling from your mobile App.

  • Set multiple shades to operate together or separately.

Home Automation Systems

  • Integrate with whole home automation systems such as Nest®.


  • Set your "favorite" settings for you or for specific times and environments (like Movie Time)!

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