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Types of Shutters

Shutters are classic and stylish and come in these options:

  • Painted Wood Shutters

  • Stained Wood Shutters

  • Alternative Wood Shutters

Factors to Consider

Choosing your shutters depends on:

  • Room Environment - decor and curb appeal

  • Environmental Exposure - how much sun and moisture they will be exposed to

  • Purpose they will serve - privacy, light control, insulation needs

All shutters are custom fit to your window and offer various options:


  • Frame style

  • Direct Mounting

  • Different louver sizes

  • Custom colors and stains

  • Standard tilt vs Hidden tilt

  • Privacy or view options


Helpful Tip!

  • Framestyle is usually determined by the existing window and what’s required to mount and complement the existing window frame.  Mounting requirements are determined during your consultation.

  • Louver Sizes help create specific design styles and advantages. Traditional louvers look like an old country home, very small slats. The larger louvers are more contemporary, give you a better view through, more light, and are easier to clean (perfect for small windows where you still want the most view). Top and bottom louvers can be split and moved independently so you can control light direction.


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