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Why are Norman Shutters so popular?

High quality shutters like Norman Shutters can transform the look and feel of any space. Many people like shutters because you can create and control the privacy and light. With a simple tilt, you can allow the light in while maintaining privacy. With larger windows you can have a top section that is separate from the bottom section. Some close the bottom shutters for privacy while keeping the top shutters open for light. These are especially popular when you have close by neighbors.

Norman Shutters are truly one of the best in the market. Why?

  • Everyone is Hand-Crafted

  • Recessed Magnets that don't protrude

  • InvisibleTilt means no rods showing because the gear is built into the system.

  • Lifetime durability because of multiple layers of wood are bonded together.

These are just a few reasons. You can read more about our popular Woodlore Norman Shutters here.

Here is a recent installation of Norman 3 1/2" Woodlore Plus Shutters with Invisible Tilt:

Woodlore® Plus Made with ABS co-polymer materials, the same technology found in high endurance applications such as auto parts and helmets. Featuring enhanced style options and added resistance to the elements. Woodlore® Plus is versatile, colorful, and ready for all interiors – including kitchens and bathrooms that are prone to moisture.

  • Wide-panel ready up to 36" across for unobstructed outside views

  • Resists moisture, shrinking and warping

  • Industry leading color-fastness

  • Won't chip or crack over time

  • Won't stain; easy to clean

  • Available custom Color

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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