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Outdoor Living Space Extended with Zip Shades

Zip shades go beyond standard screens. They allow you to keep bugs and creatures out and extend your outdoor season as they can also protect from wind and rain.

Outdoor living spaces are a popular and beautiful extension of a family's home. They usually include some form of patio furnishings and can even include fireplaces, tv screens and even outdoor kitchens. The goal is to enjoy the greater outdoors without being confined by four walls. They also allow you to enjoy the breezes and open air more fully. However, many of us also want to keep bugs and creatures out of those same spaces especially when we are entertaining or just plain relaxing and we also don't want a little rain or wind to force us inside.

Eclipse Zip Shades are the perfect solution and can really extend your outdoor season.

Certain types of shades can even provide privacy for the inhabitants. They can see outside but the public cannot see inside as demonstrated in this installation here:

130 mph Winds Demonstration

Below is a video demonstrating the Eclipse Zip Shades and how they can withstand up to 130 mph winds.

Here is a testimonial from an installation we did from Sonny:

We designed our home with an expansive outdoor living space with the standard screen enclosure. We realized after moving in due to rain, wind and weather we were only able to use the space for 2 months out of the year. We contacted Wayne at Carolina Blinds to discuss the options that were available. Over a period of a year Wayne brought numerous products and actually installed a number of shade/ blinds that would not satisfy our situation due to the high winds we get at our home. Carolina Blinds was very patient and professional in finding the right product for our conditions. Wayne recommended a shade that is functioning perfectly for our space, we are now able to use our space 10 months out of the year. The shade is rated up to 120 mph winds, which allows us to be on our deck in high winds, rain and cold weather and it also helps keeping the pollen out......the perfect solution allowing us the add 800 sf of quality outdoor living space to our home. I would highly recommend Carolina Blinds for the exceptional service on the installation to the follow up on service, it is an absolute pleasure working with Wayne, and they since provided additional shades, shutters and blinds for the interior of our home, which we are very satisfied with. Thank you again for your professionalism and service, we are so happy with all that you have provided. Sonny


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