Wood Shutters From Carolina Blinds

Shutters have traditionally been made out of wood and they are still very popular today. Real wood shutters are used in situations where there is a need for stain colors or where their are custom color matches.  Shutters are a classic window coverings that are durable and easy to operate.  Since shutters are hinged and have no cords, they are relatively maintenance free and clean with ease.



Multiple layers of wood are bonded together to bloster the stability of the core of the stile making for a robust and hearty support system for your shutters.

Wood Conditioning

Wood shutters are put through a process to emulated the environmental conditions of the location where your shutters will be installed.  This process helps to reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling.

Superior Coating

Our shutters are made with a patented coating which makes the shutter surface extremely durable and robust.  This makes your shutters resistant to cracking or shipping over time.

All of our shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

Shutters are one of our specialties.  We have been ordering and installing custom shutters for over 23 years.  Not all shutters are created equal, choosing a good quality brand and having an expert to measure and professionally install them makes all the difference.  Call to have us come discuss whether shutters are good option for your windows and what customized features suit your needs best.