Window Treatment Considerations at Carolina Blinds

When it comes to window treatment, there are two prime considerations that stand out: 1. Can it be motorized? and 2. Can I get a treatment to fit a special-shaped window?

The short answer is yes. At Carolina Blinds, we have all the answers to your questions about window treatment motorization; special shaped window treatment; shades; drapery; and, window blinds in Hendersonville and surrounds.

Specialty Shapes and Sizes

Here is an example of specialty cellular shades, custom fitted by Carolina Blinds

Windows haven’t all been made using the same mold. As such, window treatments – blinds, shades, drapes, shutters and screens – also need to be different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, you can easily get all your window treatments custom made to fit any shape and size. From long, standard windows to round windows, arches to angled windows, even skylights, they can easily be made to fit. Manufacturers work with the beautiful shapes of the window and enhance, rather than hide, it. It can also be designed to your particular requirements, including heat, light, privacy, security and appearance.

With all the innovation in window treatments, motorization has become a big deal. Window treatments can be controlled remotely. This has removed the need for cords, which has been a long-running safety issue. Motorization has also meant they’re easier to operate; provide extra levels of privacy; and, are convenient. They are better served to protect our furniture from sun damage and are the perfect solution to keep the heat and cold in or out.


Screening is also another window consideration that many locals require. A purely functional type of window treatment, screens prevent UV damage to your home and furnishings.  Solar window screens block out the glare and heat while maintaining the view.