The style of shade you choose for your windows can have a significant impact on your home. Simplicity and warmth are personified by roller shades, and they’re now a permanent part of interior design. Their flexibility in adapting to different kinds of decor makes them extremely trendy and versatile.

Compact Simplicity

Roller shades are very simple to operate; they roll up, they roll down. The key is in accessorizing. When they are up, they have a very compact profile which can be hidden in a cassette or behind a fascia cover, if you choose. There are also aluminum casings available to hold your shade as it rolls and unrolls. This gives you a choice between the finished look and a raw roller. Even the fascia cover comes in an option of square or rounded!

Many Materials

Roller shades come in several varieties of material as well. You can pick from light filtering, room darkening or solar shades.

  • Light Filtering shades provide privacy, but still allow light to pass through and don’t darken the room

  • Room Darkening shades dim the room, making them perfect for bedrooms or baby rooms.

  • Solar Shades block UV rays


Roller shades can be operated with a spring roller or with a pull cord. They can also be motorized for those hard to reach windows. They are easy to control, and can be stopped at any height.

Screen Printing

One of the newest service we offer for roller shades is screen printing. Bring in any photo or picture you like, and we’ll reproduce it for you on the shade! You can turn any window into an awesome view just by pulling the shades down. Instead of your neighbors house, pull the shades down for a nice tropical view! Or a mountain range, a desert, a river valley; whatever you want!

Carolina Blinds in Asheville/Weaverville

At Carolina Blinds, we offer a wide range of shades, including roller shades. We’ll come to your home and measure the windows ourselves to ensure a perfect fit. No matter what look you want for your home, we can help you find it.

Finding new window shades in Asheville has never been easier with Carolina Blinds!