​When it comes to blinds, you have your choice of:

  • Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

  • Aluminum (Metal) Blinds

  • Vertical Blinds

Once you've decided the best style, then you can choose from various:

  • Paints, Stains & Colors

  • Slat Size Options

Factors to Consider

Wood vs. Faux Wood depends on the environment they will be in. 

  • If the environment is humid or has a lot of moisture like a bathroom, you may prefer faux wood.  

  • If the room is a high-use room like a living room or master bedroom that is cleaned often, the real wood will wear out faster as they will be cleaned more often. 

  • Economically, faux wood is often a better bet. However, there are some faux wood products that are more expensive than real wood because they have a lifetime guarantee to never warp or fade.